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The Amityville Horror (1979) - Stuart Rosenberg

If it is possible this movie is terrifying and boring all at the same time. There are some choice scenes in this movie that really take the cake, they are really scary, and then there are scenes in this movie that are really dull and bland. The movie has this formula of long, drawn out scenes broken up with something creepy or scary. The movie doesn't get repetitive, which is a good thing, its just that some of the scenes that have to do with James Brolin are boring, until the end where the movie picks up again. 

If you didn't know, this movie is supposedly based on a true story about a family that moved into a house where a mass murder occurred the year prior. Soon after the family moves in they realize that the house itself is evil and is trying to drive everyone insane. The scariest element in the movie has to be the sound, with the first scare being a booming voice screeching GET OUT! From there you get other big uses of long silent scenes broken up with a really loud, sud…