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Burying the Ex (2014) - Joe Dante

Horror Comedy has become so complacent. The jokes and atmosphere is stale, it's tough to pull off in a good way. This is one of those complacent movies. It has a good amount of star power, but the writing falls flat. The gore and practical effects are the saving grace. Veteran Joe Dante knows his stuff and happens to be the one person that is trying. It's just lame. 
Max (Anton Yelchin) is in a crappy relationship with a controlling and manipulative girl, Evelyn. Fate smiles upon our young friend Max and kills off the girlfriend by having her struck by a bus. After a bit of grieving, Max has the freedom to start seeing a new girl, Olivia. Things get complicated when Evelyn comes back from the dead as a brain craving zombie. Evelyn seeks to rekindle her relationship with Max while physically deteriorating in front of him. And Max is trying to move on, keeping his dead ex-girlfriend a secret from Olivia for now. 
This one is brought to us from horror movie legend, Joe Dante. It fo…