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The Fly (1958) - Kurt Neumann

1950's era monster movies rule. Whenever I watch one I imagine myself going to the Drive-In movies on a Saturday night with my best girl so she can have an excuse to play overly distressed damsel and hold on to my arm during the scary parts, and so I can play tough guy flex that shit out. Most horror movie producers of the era probably realized their films were just part of a teenage mating routine and so the horror flicks of that time usually ended up being forgetful B-Movies with a stupid monster in a bad costume performing to the minimalist of horror movie standards. This movie was very different. I can't even go as far as to say that this movie has a bad guy...well, maybe Vincent Price swooping in on his brother's wife in the end of the movie, but that is another kind of bad guy.
This film is far less frightening than its 1980's remake. The movie deals with a scientist who isn't mad or anything cliche like that, however, he discovers a technology to teleport mat…