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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Dan Trachtenberg

Today I am going to review the "spiritual" sequel to J.J. Abrams viral hit Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane. The first movie was a titan of viral marketing success. However, it seemed that they had missed the window of interest with this latest outing. It did alright in the theaters but could have done much better. Some people that I had talked with hadn't even seen or remembered the original. That shows that it's been way too long since the last one. To help draw interest, the film-makers cast cinema veteran John Goodman and indie darling Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the starring roles. Which ended up being a good move. They do a fantastic job. 

Michelle is involved in a car accident and wakes up in a strange underground bunker in some unknown place. To make things weirder, in the bunker are two guys Howard and Emmett. They inform her that she was saved from some "biological attack" and she cannot leave as the world above is still toxic. Can they all get alon…