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Terror Train (1980) - Roger Spottiswoode

I think I had initially heard about Terror Train through another movie that had mentioned it. But, I definitely remember seeing it on the video store shelves. I remember thinking that it looked stupid. How could a movie be scary if the killer is dressed like Gene Shalit? This one was different though.
A killer stalks a fraternity that is responsible for playing a pretty mean prank a few years earlier. The frat happens to be throwing a huge New Years Eve costume party on board a train for the evening. The killer stalks from car to car killing people and taking their costume. It takes an old dark house approach when they discover that the train they are on has no radio or communication for help. 
The movie was surprisingly great. I loved it. The killer isn’t horrible, that ugly Gene Shalit mask was actually one of Groucho Marx. But it still came off goofy as hell. This is another Jamie Lee Curtis’ Scream Queen feature that does really well. I liked her better in this than in The Fog. I fe…