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Night of Terror (1933) - Benjamin Stoloff

This is yet again, another Old Dark House style movie. "Starring" Bela Lugosi in a very minor role, as the servant to the Hornsby family. The format is tired and boring, but the introduction of a slasher-type murderer makes it a bit more entertaining. The movie is full of fast-talking and quick witted remarks in only the best way the thirties had. The entire cast sounded like they were the wittiest combination of characters. Each had something to say and each said it quickly. Except for Bela. Bela never speaks very quickly.

Like I said above the movie is part of that old cliché. We have a bunch of young relatives that are staying in their fathers home for some reason. While they are staying in this... ahem... Old dark house, there is a killer on the loose and people start turning up dead! This fuels the siblings greed when the father is killed. The movie is littered with pretty decent suspense around the stabbings and killings. It paints a good who-done-it? from the beginni…