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Candyman (1992) - Bernard Rose

Candyman has been a movie that I had talked about with friends since my time on the play-yard. I had always appreciated the intrigue that came with the story. I found it fascinating. Candyman was an amazing horror figure even though he had a short run. I had this on VHS and DVD. I had seen this numerous times. It was only a matter of time before I wrote about it. 

Helen is investigating the urban myth known as Candyman. This murderous entity is said to be haunting the walls of a housing tenement in Chicago, IL. She dips a little too close when strange occurrences start going on. When Candyman starts showing up her life starts spiraling out of control.

Tony Todd gives a stellar performance. He delivers his lines in this unmistakably frightening voice. Candyman is a horror icon beside the best of them and Tony Todd breaths life into it. However, you can't really do too bad when Clive Barker is your creator. Virginia Madsen stars as our heroin Helen and she sells her torment so well. H…