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The Stuff (1985) - Larry Cohen

The horror business is full of big names. One of which being Larry Cohen the director of It's Alive and The Ambulance. This little gem that I am reviewing today is The Stuff. Another really cool and fun Cohen movie that is campy and weird. He has put out some of the most unique horror movies and the eighties are definitely Cohen's golden age. 
This film is kind of Larry Cohen's take on the Blob. It isn't the Blob, however. This movie is about an alien substance that is being sold in high quantity to just about everyone in America. They ingest it and become addicted to it then finally succumbing to it's blob-y and gooey mass. The movie draws heavily on the Blob, but brings a higher amount of conspiracy and intrigue. Not much.

Cameo's are pretty good in this one as well. Keep an eye out for Danny Aiello & Paul Sorvino. Just remember this is just like Vincent Price said "you don't watch a horror movie for the Thespian arts. You watch a Horror Movie f…