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Murder Party (2007) - Jeremy Saulnier

Murder Party is a 2007 independent horror comedy film from writer and director, Jeremy Saulnier. It did well on the independent film circuit, winning best feature at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival. It stars indie actors, Chris Sharp, Sandy Barnett, Macon Blair, Paul Goldblatt and William Lacey. This has been on my watchlist for years. I always started watching it, and then ended up getting involved in something else. This time, I thought why not make this the first movie of the 2018 Edition of 31 Movies of Halloween. So here we are.

Christopher responds to a random costume party invitation that will be held on Halloween night. A Murder Party to be more accurate. Dressed as a cardboard knight, Christopher arrives to find a strange costumed group that has plans for him. Murderous plans for artistic reasons. They tie Chris up and begin discussing how they want to kill him. Unfortunately, things don’t quite go the way the group intends. A series of mishaps ensue leading to one hellacio…