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Showing posts from October 21, 2009

Lost Paradise (1990) - Masami Akita

This was the worst thing I have ever seen. I have seen some really crappy movies and this one really takes the cake. Disgusting, disturbing, and just unnecessary. Lost Paradise or Shitsurauen: Jobafuku onna harakiri is a Japanese Seppuku film. It has no plot and no storyline. It's basically just a thirty minuet snuff film. It's just horrible. Most of the time is just watching a girl commit suicide by seppuku for eighteen minuets.
It is "directed" by some Japanese noise musician that supplied the soundtrack for this abortion of a movie. He should stick to making noise and leave this crap to someone else. Nothing about it is memorable or redeeming. It is a failure in film-making and should be shunned from society as being the foul grool that it is.
Perhaps they have a fetish for this sort of thing in Japan. Then this is just some weird extreme pornography or something and has no place among the horror films. I am going to keep this movie on the site though so that I c…

Night of the Living Dead (1968) - George Romero

Here it is children, the grand-daddy of the zombie apocalypse. George Romero's 1968, classic, groundbreaking film; Night of the Living Dead. This is the movie that starts the whole fucking thing. This is the movie that starts everything. I am pretty sure that you can just about credit 99% of modern horror to this movie.
The movie follows Ben Huss, Barbara, and five other people that become trapped in a farmhouse during the zombie apocalypse. The plot seems simple enough, however this one simple plot has spawned a slew of other movies that rely on it as the starting point of the un-dead end. Of course we are talking here about Dawn, Day, City, Diary, and even the Return franchise. This one singular film can be seen, at least in part, in all of these movies.
The casting is impeccable. Ben Huss takes the reigns as your lead character once Barbara falls into a catatonic state. This is a ballsy move since Ben Huss is African American. In 1968 it was almost unheard of for a black male …

& Teller (2008) - Frank Ippolito

& Teller and & Teller 2, are shorts created by Teller from the popular comedy/magic duo Penn & Teller. The film(s) are a video diary of Teller surviving a Zombie attack in Las Vegas. It is narrated by Teller, who keeping true with tradition, doesn't actually talk on camera. I think that for a short of this length it is very creative. They fill a short amount of time here with a great little story. The art department deserves a gold star for this one. The story is pretty good as well. A little comedy mixed with some ok looking, slow moving, Zombies. The story kind of feels like this is an off shoot of the great Zombie novel, World War Z, by Max Brooks. In fact if they do a World War Z movie this should really be in there somewhere, maybe some viral marketing for the film. I dunno, but Teller does a great job, very good effort and i hope to see more of these in the near future.
There will be more reviews hopefully tonight/morning.