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Svengali (1931) - Archie Mayo

Svengali is a really weird "Horror" movie that is just really creepy, thanks to a great performance from veteran thespian John Barrymore. I had a really good time watching the really eerie performance and catching all of the stuff that was left in the film since this was released in that weird period before the Film Code. Marian Marsh is really hot in this movie, and she should be, since she is playing the love interest.
The acting alone makes this movie stand out, but the art and set direction is amazing. Sets, beautiful. Cinematography, beautiful. This is almost a perfect black and white, early Hollywood movie, I just cant put my finger on what is not so great about it.
The movie is about a girl, Trilby, who comes to Paris to make something of her life. She meets a few artists and begins to fall in love with one of them, but Svengali swoops in. Svengali is a composer and magician who entrances Trilby and sweeps her away and out of the Artists life. The artist will despera…