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Carnival of Souls (1962) - Herk Harvey

Independent horror movies from the 1960's have always intrigued me. Their solutions to problems both on and off the screen were always creative. The film-maker has to make his audience scream but can only do it with the limited amount of funds that was allocated to this guy by whatever flash-in-the-pan studio came his way. That meant that this type of director had to work harder to bring the story to life. He didn't have half of the money that Laurence of Arabia even paid their grips! Well... don't quote me there, but you get the idea.

Carnival of Souls is about a woman that was the lone survivor in a terrible car accident. Who is strangely driven to investigate an abandoned carnival in her new town. She is constantly harassed and haunted by the specters of the other people that were in the accident with her and she slowly begins to lose her mind.
This movie hits all of the places that it needs to, it is just plagued by the things that usually haunted cinema in the late 50…