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Basket Case (1982) - Frank Henenlotter

This is where grindhouse and independent horror get really fun. The eighties is considered by many to be the greatest era in horror cinema. It had thousands of films released with some really interesting and original content. From charming independent movies to garbage schlock. You definitely had a full helping of horror in the nineteen eighties. Now, Basket Case is a raw and murky film from Frank Henenlotter, It's cheap and campy. Weird and funny. Definitely a solid case to make number nineteen of the 31 Movies of Halloween. 
A young man that was once a conjoined siamese twin, carries around his disembodied brother in a basket. They are visiting New York on a mission to murder the people that were responsible for separating them. They pay visits to all of the "doctors" that had performed the operation years earlier. The deformed brother, Bilal is let out of his basket to wreak his havoc on these no-gooders.And he does with gory results. 
Basket Case isn't a serious …