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Lights Out (2016) - David F. Sandberg

Lights Out is a terrifying feature for a movie that was rated PG-13. You know how I feel about these stupid ratings. If you don't, I hate them. However, this movie seemed to do something that most of these other movies just don't do. It worked. It was a feature that frightened and creeped. It's the kind of PG-13 horror movie that I can get behind. A harken back to the eighties when that damn rating meant almost nothing.

Poor Martin has a psychotic mother that can talk with ghosts. Well, one really freaky ghost that is only visible in the dark. Her name is Diana. Martin ends up getting picked up by Child Protective Services and then his Sister. After some convincing that an entity named Diana has returned, Martin, his sister and her boyfriend decide to confront the mother and her friend Diana. This of course has some disastrous results.

I am not afraid of the dark. But sometimes you get that feeling. That horrible feeling that something bad is lurking. This movie captures t…