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The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1972) - Robert Fuest

The Abominable Dr. Phibes is a horror dark-comedy from 1971, directed by Robert Fuest and starring Vincent Price in the lead role, alongside Joseph Cotten, Peter Jeffrey, and Virginia North. It’s a beautiful film that leans heavily on the art-direction and set design. Very vibrant and colorful for such a dark and gloomy tale. American International Pictures had seen to the distribution of the film, which did well at the box office. It’s no surprise since this is one of the greatest horror movies of all time.
The setting is London in 1925. Vincent Price plays Dr. Anton Phibes, a famous musician that was believed to have been killed in a terrible accident back in 1921. He was rushing home after hearing about his wife’s demise during surgery. Phibes had survived the accident in secret but suffered damage to his throat and face. Anger and rage take control as the not-so-good Doctor exacts his revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife. Motivated by the Old Testament, Dr. Phibes…

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) - Tony Randel

Not a bad movie. Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 makes for an awesome sequel. Expanding on the lore that came across in the first film. I really only like a couple of Hellrasier movies. It's hard to get into the crappy follow-ups to this. However, Pinhead is among my favorite horror movie foes. So I might be kind of biased. Whatever, it's my blog. 
Like I said above the movie expands on the lore that we learned in the first movie. Pinhead and his Cenobites return. This time brought back by a crazed doctor. We get a glimpse into the process of becoming a cenobite as well as the backstory for Pinhead. It's all quite interesting. 
Kenneth Cranham plays Dr. Channard, an obsessed psychiatrist that runs a mental facility. His obsession is focused on the Lament Configuration. A device in which he can open a gateway to hell. He decides to let his patients work on opening the box, so that he can watch from afar. Ashley Laurence returns as Kirsty is being admitted to the very same facility…

The Box (2009) - Richard Kelly

It was terrible, I fell asleep and it pained me to wake up and see that the movie was still going on. I would of walked out, but these are desperate times and i don't like to waste a dollar. I have only walked out on two movies: Pearl Harbor and Malibu's most wanted. I think that Richard Kelly's career is officially on hiatus. He is now just asleep behind the camera. He needs to figure out how he is going to get out of the slump that he created for himself by releasing his best movie first. Donnie Darko was a good movie and I really enjoyed it, Southland Tales was no good. The Box is the worst Richard Kelly movie so far. I think it is also the worst filmed version of a Richard Matheson tale ever.

The movie started out with promise, even though Cameron Diaz was in it, and I really curse anything that she is in. I thought that it was creepy enough and the music was just right. Then about 30 minuets into it, it became tiresome. It seemed like you could tell that this was a s…