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The Vagarant (1992) - Chris Walas

This ugly, straight to cinemax, black horror comedy. Stars Bill Paxton and Michael Ironside in mediocre performances. This was really hard for me to find. During the time of this review, I had not seen the movie since I was thirteen or so. I was really young. I remember a lot from it. Some images have danced through my mind for the past fifteen years or so. I would search for it online and come up with nothing. Then BAM! right out of nowhere it pops up on YouTube and came out on Blu Ray in August. Wow.
The Vagarant features Paxton as a jerk, yuppie that becomes obsessed with a strange homeless man that constantly invades his home. Almost instantly bad things start happening. People start turning up dead and Paxton is the lead perpetrator. He has no case when it turns out that he is a sleep walker and now apparently sleep killer. Michael Ironside does his usual heavy man work. No problems there. The movie is hokey and silly. Too silly at some points. It should stop that. However, the …