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Massacre at Central High (1976) - Rene Daalder

Lets see, where to start, the atrocious acting? The ever present boom mic? The terrible direction and lighting? The story-line? Where should i begin picking this apart? Oh well, they were all sucky, except for the boom mic, that was awesome. I'm pretty sure my roommate pointed out the lead nerd from Revenge of the Nerds makes a good appearance in this and dies pretty mightily! Oh I'm sorry did i ruin that for you? Get over it...

We have some former jock with a career ending injury who shows up in school and becomes target #1 to join every one's little cliq. Unfortunately for them this guy starts offing everyone in really weird fashions, he is like a crazy terrorist who kills everyone in school. This movie being way before Columbine, made it alright for a film like this to exist. Otherwise I think that this would be torn apart and dismantled by some right wing disgusting group of old moms who like to complain about everything.

Blood, well kinda, there aren't really buc…