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Toolbox Murders (2004) - Tobe Hooper

This updated version of Toolbox Murders is brought to us from horror icon Toby Hooper. This feature is bloody and raw but reeks of the early 2000's. From the colorless and drab setting to the emo actors. Namely, cult actress Angela Bettis. Her performance in May gained her slight success in the horror movie world. She is a great actress for forgettable roles. 
A young couple Nell (Bettis) and Steven (Brent Roam) move into a dilapidated old "historic" building in Los Angeles. Their neighbors turn out to be extreme caricatures of the usual people you would run into in LA. Slutty actresses, Scumbags, and self-absorbed jerks make up a good deal of the tenants. Early into the new couples stay, Nell finds human teeth in her wall. She is constantly harassed by the amount of commotion that goes on in the building and is certain that someone is murdering the tenants and in quite a brutal fashion. 
The title of the movie describes the how the killer murders his victims. We witnes…