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Evil Ed (1995) - Anders Jacobsson

Evil Ed is funny to me. This is a movie about a film editor that is tapped for a specific project; to cut gore scenes out of splatter pictures and snuff films. Eventually, the job gets the better of him and he cracks. I find it funny considering my hobby. I am watching every horror film ever made in order starting at the beginning. I have been working on this project now for the past three years. I have seen some of the craziest movies and some really disturbing shit, I don't think it has changed my persona. I mean obviously this film is an exaggeration. You understand the comedy here, right?   
The movie is really indie, it has some really interesting solutions for various problems and does a good job of creatively bringing you the gore. This movie has tons of that. Gore. The film is about a working stiff drone named Eddie, that is pulled off his everyday work and "promoted" to editing really gruesome horror pictures for his boss. The movie takes awhile to get to the po…