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Damien: The Omen 2 (1978) - Don Taylor

The VHS section at Goodwill's are chalk full of gems like this one. This horror, and I use the term lightly, film is pretty hilarious. It is dated and cheap and those two together provide for some really fun laugh out loud moments. I know this is supposed to be a scary horror movie. It's not. It is just an underwhelming sequel with no direction or creativity.

The movie continues with the story of Damien the Antichrist child from the first movie. In this film, Damien is a teenager and he learns that he is put here by Satan to do his bidding. He becomes self-aware I suppose. It is a really good sounding story that just doesn't pan out very well. It is just really... blah. Even the actors seem bored. Unintentionally funny and frighteningly boring. I hope that makes sense.

I would love to share with you my two favorite deaths from the film. Firstly, The woman that gets her eyes pecked out by satanic flocks of crows then stumbles into traffic only to be hit by a truck. Apparen…