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Frozen (2010) - Adam Green

Frozen... well they can't all be winners now can they. I know that Frozen isn't a horror movie per se, but it was in the horror section on Netflix so I am going to stick to my guns on this one. Frozen tells the tale of three friends that go on a skiing trip together. Its all fun and games until they are stranded on the ski lift. To make matters worse they are stuck there for like a week. To make matters worse-worse they get caught in a blizzard. To make matters worse-worse-worse there are blood thirsty wolves waiting to eat them below the lift. To make matters worse-worse-worse-worse they start to freeze to death. To make matters worse-worse-worse-worse-worse the girl that tagged along has.. to.. pee!
See how annoying that was to read? Well picture it on the screen and you have seen Frozen. The acting isn't very bad, then again how hard can it be to sit in one place for an hour and a half. I hate this movie just for the fact that it is a one-upper movie. The entire time t…