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The Thing from Another World (1951) - Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks

I hadn't actually known about this movie for a long time. I am a fan of the John Carpenter remake and I had thought that his version was the original. I was pretty surprised to know that it was a remake and I became excited to see this one. I was even more surprised to know that this was based on a novella, Who Goes There? by John Campbell.
A group of Air Force personnel, scientists and a reporter come across a crashed flying saucer deep in the tundras of Alaska. They excavate the pilot who is encased in a block of ice. The personnel are all trapped by a storm when the pilot thaws out and starts wreaking havoc. This blood sucking alien wont stop until everyone at the icy compound is dead. The group must survive the storm and the killer. 
There are some really neat details about this movie. It's pretty uncommon for the cast credits to appear only at the end of the picture. The introduction only features the burning letters of THE THING appearing on screen. Rare for its day. Th…