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Contamination (1980) - Luigi Cozzi

I've been loving the cover art for this Italian Sci-Fi/Horror movie for quite some time. It's really reminiscent of the old Drive-In Creature Features of the fifties. The gore on the back of the VHS box doesn't hurt it's chances of being watched either. I couldn't wait to get into it. I am watching a US VHS copy of Alien Contamination the tracking is pretty terrible and the sound is a bit off. But that just makes it better right? 

A group of doctors boards a ghost ship that is docked in quarantine. They find all sorts of weird stuff along with a group of green pulsing eggs and mutilated bodies. Unluckily for the doctors the eggs explode in their faces and destroy their bodies. It's pretty gruesome. However, some of the eggs are recovered and taken back to a lab for testing. They find out that the eggs are coming from South America. Upon further investigation, they find a one eyed martian that is creating these seeds. 
The movie feels like a mix of Alien and Invas…