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Let the Right One In (2008) - Tomas Alfredson

From the beginning to end, this is a fantastic film. It feels so real. The director did such a great job of creating a believable universe with flushed out characters. This is on a number of top horror movie lists including my own. I found it really intriguing and weird. 

Oskar is a twelve-year old with a few issues. He isn't very popular and he doesn't have very many friends. The kids that do pay attention to him just bully him and beat him up. Except for one strange girl. Eli. It's like Ellie. They live in a big brick tenement in Stockholm, Sweden. Eli has a strange secret and it has to do with consuming blood, staying out of the sun, not eating food, and not being able to enter a room without being invited in. I am sure you can put those things together. Let's just say that she has been 12 for about 200 years. 

Gripping, intriguing. I have watched it a couple of times now and enjoyed it each time. It's like a book that you can't put down. The acting is really …