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Dawn of the Dead (1978) - George Romero

In Dawn of the Dead, a direct sequel to Night of the Living Dead, we get a better look at what humanity is going through during the Zombie Apocalypse. George Romero had the audience looking through a microscope with Night of... while with this feature we get a telescope. The Zombie Apocalypse is now showcased in full scale. This is the reason for the success of this movie. It gives you so much more. The whole reason people see zombie movies is to be spoon fed destruction and this movie has a whole hell of a lot of destruction.

Four people take refuge in an abandoned mall while the world falls apart around them. The United States has apparently enacted Martial Law and roving hordes of rednecks and psycho bikers are migrating about cleaning out the zombies and looting all they can. The four people, Flyboy, Peter, Roger, and Francine make the mall their home. Everything's great. That is until boredom and stupidity step in. Flyboy makes some of the most palm to face decisions of the w…