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The Beast of Borneo (1934) - Harry Garson

Dr. Boris Borodoff formulates a plan to prove his own theory of evolution. He needs live orangutans from the jungle to experiment on. The film stars Mae Stuart, John Preston, and Eugene Sigaloff in utterly forgettable roles. The sets are creative and fun but the flow of the movie is jagged and rough. Bland writing and a thin plot reveal the true chops that these actors don't have or at least don't utilize. This came from a time when gorillas and apes were the scariest thing on the planet. These killer ape movies were a dime a dozen and they all fell flat. 
This movie suffers in a lot of different ways. The sound effects are completely off. I had seen another post earlier about the growl that this gorilla lets out. It is laughable. It sounds more like my uncle clearing his throat after smoking a few packs. It's disgusting more than frightening. This movie could really do from a decent soundtrack. Something. Otherwise it just comes up short! Literally nothing grabs my atten…