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In the Mouth of Madness (1995) - John Carpenter

A marriage between writers Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft and horror director John Carpenter. A deep dive into the depths of insanity and psychology. It's a strange movie with some really key scenes for any horror movie fan. It came out during a time when Sam Neill was very popular.

The story is told in a flashback. An insurance adjuster (Sam Neill) is investigating the disappearance of horror writer Sutter Cane. After his books seem to be having a strange effect on his readers. He goes with the writers editor (Julie Carmen) to look for the fictional town, Hobb's End. In hopes of finding the reclusive writer. They actually find the town and find themselves being written into the next bestselling Sutter Cane book. Or, did they not exist until Cane wrote about them?

This is a pretty close attempt to get Cthulhu on screen. I love the Lovecraftian imagery. The entire Mrs. Pickman thing is awesome. You even get a Cthulhu cameo in the painting in the lobby of the hotel. Again, really…