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The Mummy's Hand (1940) - Christie Cabanne

This film is noticeably a few notches below the original. It's not a sequel but more of a re-envisioning. So maybe it's just on a completely different path. From the beginning this movie looks and sounds really sub-par. It doesn't feature anyone of note and it suffers from tired acting. However, it runs at a fair and balanced pace. Plus it has a story line that actually makes it palatable. 
This isn't in the same continuity as the Karloff original. In fact this movie stands on its own. Young quick-witted adventurers looking for the tomb of an ancient princess, Mistakenly awaken a murderous Mummy (Tyler) and get harassed by a strange old wizard (Zukko).
Their group features the usual social make-up of a movie from its time. A straight-man (Dick Foran) and a fast-talking jokester (Wallace Ford) complete with beautiful dame (Peggy Moran) in tow. The story progression is pretty normal as well with just the right amount of cheesy romance laced in. The antagonists the living m…