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Krampus (2015) - Michael Dougherty

It's that magical time of the year. The time of giving and loving. The time of getting together with your loved ones. A time for bloodshed and mayhem. So it's as good a time as any to cozy up to the fire for Krampus. A horror movie with that certain holly and poinsettia theme. Warm, fuzzy and scary.
A family gets together for Christmas and obviously it doesn't go well. They hate each other. During an explosive family dinner our lead Max loses all faith in Santa Claus and Christmas. He immediately tears up his Letter to Santa. A move that he soon regrets. This act summons the frightening Krampus. 
This movie explores the Krampus tale with superb embellishment. They actually have a really amazing narrated flashback sequence that acts as the origin story. This flashback was stylized in claymation and it was really neat. Krampus is really terrifying, The horror sequences are actually horrific and scary. This is definitely an easy movie to fall in love with as a horror movie f…