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Bad Taste (1987) - Peter Jackson

I had been putting Bad Taste off for years. I wanted to save it for something special. I had long forgotten what that special thing was going to be and decided that I better make it my "Season Premier" for the 31 Movies of Halloween. I am happy I didn't jump the gun. I was really entertained and can see what everyone is talking about. 
A terribly awesome flick from Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings and Dead Alive. The latter horror fans may be familiar with. This is the movie that put him on the map. It is the one film that took out the Queensland Film Board of Review in 1990. Full of blood, guts, and brains, enough to make your stomach churn. It's a fast paced debut from a future directeur extraordinaire. It really shows the grass roots that Jackson worked with. Fascinating as well as disgusting. 

A group of vile aliens have taken over a small town in New Zealand. They have cannibalized the populace and are butchering them to be sold as a delicacy in th…