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The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) - Joseph Green

This is a strange and demented piece of film that serves as the granddaddy to such pictures as Maniac and Re-Animator. But obviously draws from Frankenstein. The imagery of the female head being kept alive in some sort of science lab is very famous for low budget cinema. This movie has a lot of critics, and for good reason. This isn't a good movie in the usual sense. But it is one hell of a horror picture.

A mad scientist comes up with a way to keep boy parts alive for transplants. He has performed transplants before. However, nothing has ever taken properly. When he and his fiancee are involved in a car accident, he is saved but she is horribly injured and only her head survives. He keeps her head alive with the hopes that he will soon have a fresh body to perform a successful head transplant on. However, the head and one of the doctors own imprisoned creatures have different plans.

This movie works on so many levels. It has a good deal of science fiction and is evened out with …