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The Phantom of the Opera (1925) - Rupert Julian

Lon Chaney is a master of acting, his portrayal of the Phantom is one of the classics in the film universe. He does well at carrying this film. That isn't a jab at any actor impeticular, it was that Chaney's role was so tremendous that the other characters fell into the background. He added to the enormity of the Phantom. Well not just him I suppose, I mean the sets are spectacular. When I watch this movie it makes me think that it could be the first blockbuster horror movie. This is a huge movie with huge sets, huge performances, and a huge soundtrack. The masked ball scene is a testament for the entire movie. It showcases color and music in  a way that had never been done before. It is quite the treat. 
The film takes place in the 1880's in France, we see the opening of the season for the Paris opera house where they are showing Faust. There are murmurs back stage about the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, who is seen briefly throughout the opening of the movie.  The Ph…