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Poltergeist (2015) - Gil Kenan

I was pretty intrigued with this remake of Poltergeist but disappointed in it being rated PG-13. The original was rated the same, but that was back when the rating wasn't abused. So, I was expecting this to be rated R but it didn't need it. This movie was frightening without. Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt gave me a good deal of hope. 
The Bowen family moves into a new home to begin their new life. The only problem is that their home was built on top of a former cemetery and, unfortunately for the Bowens, the bodies were never removed just the headstones. This makes for a really scary place as they are haunted by terrible entity that is angry and mean and has kidnapped the youngest of the Bowen family.

This movie has elements of Paranormal Activity and White Noise. It does a good job of setting the scene and making it eerie. This isn't a shot-for-shot remake, it pays homage to the original film with nods to certain scenes. But this movie expands on those scenes and the st…