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Lord of Illusions (1995) - Clive Barker

At one time during the nineties, directors tried to recreate the film noir style. David Lynch, Alex Proyas, and Clive Barker are the directors that come to mind right off of the bat. They did such good work and helped usher in neo noir. 
Lord of Illusions is based on one of Clive Barkers stories from The Books of Blood, The Last Illusion. This story follows detective Harry D'Amore (Scott Bakula) as he is following the case of a cult created by illusionists Nix and Swan. D'Amore gets mixed up in a world of lust, intrigue, murder, and magic. The cultists and Nix are pretty scary. However, the crude effects take you out of the movie at several occasions. This could actually benefit from a remake, but I don't think its gonna happen. 
Barker does a great job of making this movie a "nod" to the noir films of yesteryear. The heavy shadows and Bakula's tough as nails detective really make for a fantastic combination. The added magic element makes for the right amount…