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Ghost Ship (2002) - Steve Beck

I don't really know what the state of Horror movies were in the early mid 2000's but I can tell you that they were not good. It feels like they put out tons of shit in the new millennium and only started to pick it up when Rob Zombie and Eli Roth wanted to run with it. Yet in the fog of family friendly horror and pre-teen love story horror comes this nu-metal cluster-fuck produced by Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis. What the hell! I thought that they were decent humans that knew better... Well i guess we all make mistakes, that's why pencils have erasers.
Directed by Steve Beck, this movie, released in 2002 is early turn of the new millennium trash. The coolest part is in the beginning when everyone dies! Its kinda bloody and pretty cool but that is it. There is nothing else that can save this movie. Full of boring no talent actors, this movie is really just a waste of time I don't know why they would even make this. Uggh... maybe just so that Nu-metal bands could put …