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It Follows (2014) - David Robert Mitchell

Dark plodding and scary. It Follows provides more questions than answers. Its no wonder why half of Hollywood loved this movie and half hated it. Quentin Tarantino has said how he would have improved the film. But for all the hate that it gets, I kind of liked it. It was just the type of terror that I love. 
There is an invisible entity that follows its host. The entity doesn't stop. It doesn't falter. It follows. It's is very slow but very smart. And the only way to get rid of it is to sleep with someone. This makes it a sexuallly transmitted demon of sorts. The problem being that the person that you pass it off too has to keep running. If they are caught or they die then it passes right back to you. It seems hopeless but Jay (Maika Monroe) has a plan to kill it. 
It Follows has its critics. While a lot of people find this movie to be pointless and stupid. I found it to be genius and terrifying. The soundtrack, provided by Disasterpiece, is masterful and makes the movie f…