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Zombieland (2009) - Ruben Fleischer

Watched this in the theater and loved it. I remember being really hyped for it. I am personally a big fan of Woody Harrelson and Zombies. So, this was right up there. It actually turned out to be much funnier than I thought it would have been. Even with Jesse Eisenberg.

Zombieland is about a young man that is just trying to reach his loved ones during the Zombie Apocalypse. During his journey he finds another traveler and the two form a small group. They end up running across some more survivors (girls) and thus begins the conflict. This movie is about a group of survivors that are trying to get from Point A to B with Zombies chasing them throughout.

It's predictable, it's campy, but it's smart and well done. Ruben Fleisher wanted to give the masses a big budget zombie movie and he did well with Zombieland. It paid tribute to the Zed word and is a perfect addition to the genre. It has a great mix of all the right elements including gore, suspense, shocking terror, and superb…