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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) - Scott Glosserman

What would the world be like if famous killers and monsters from horror cinema were real? What if Jason Voorhees really killed all of those frisky camp counselors? What if Michael Myers really came back to kill his sister in the town of Haddonfield, PA? What if Freddy Kruger could really invade your dreams and kill you while you sleep? Behind the Mask is set in a world where all of these occurrences happened. Leslie Vernon, the main protagonist of the film, is inspired by these classic slashers and killers.

This is a twisted ride into the life of a rookie slasher. A camera crew is given a "behind the scenes" look into Leslie Vernon's life. They will walk and stalk with this crazed madman who is, in turn, being hunted by his own doctor Doc Halloran (Robert Englund) who wants to see an end to Leslie's killings. This movie is one of the most creative looks into the horror genre I have ever seen. The movie goes everywhere and references tons of horror films.

The movie s…