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Son of Ingagi (1940) - Richard C. Kahn

This film is the first all-African American horror movie. This peaked my curiosity. Upon viewing it I noticed that it seems to be a mash-up of bits and pieces from horror movies that had been popular in the past. It has some great sequences and is thoroughly enjoyable. It has some really cool musical pieces by a group known as The Four Toppers. 
The film focuses on a newlywed couple Robert and Eleanor Lindsay who inherit a strange old house from an old woman named Doctor Jackson. The house has a strange ape-man that lives in the basement. No doubt a product of the Doctor's experiments. The ape-man is her servant and is docile. That is until the ape-man finds an experimental potion that she had foolishly left out leading to the ape-man going berserk. Ape-Man become angry! Ape-Man smash!

The film has some really great acting supplied by Daisy Bufford. Spencer Williams, the writer for the film, also portrays a character in the movie. This is a low-budget film that makes the right decisi…

The Devil Bat (1940) - Jean Yarbrough

Bela Lugosi was in many horror movies during this time. Still trying to shake his memorable role as Dracula. Bela Lugosi stars in this picture as a cosmetic chemist with a mean streak. He creates an after-shave lotion that attracts vicious, giant, bloodsucking bats all of which are his own creation. A couple of reporters stumble onto stories of these giant "devil" bats attacking people seemingly at random. However, they decide to follow up on all of these accusations. Someone is killing people and these stereotypical reporters are gonna get the scoop! 
Bela Lugosi is wonderful in just about everything he does. However, when I look at him all I see is Dracula. He always seemed to embrace that side of his career but at the same time hates being pigeon-holed. Unlike Karloff, Lugosi didn't really have that broad of a range while acting and kept mostly to horror/sci-fi pictures. Sad? Maybe. He has a full catalog but most of the work is all filler. 
The Devil Bat is funny and ca…

Body Parts (1991) - Eric Red

Body Parts is really interesting. It takes the story of The Hands of Orlac and tries to make it more believable. In some ways it succeeds and in a lot of others, it doesn't. I'm a big fan of the 1924 masterpiece and an equally big fan of the 1931 remake Mad Love. Both of those movies are classics. They tell the same story in such an engaging way. This is a respectable and interesting try, but it falls short in a number of different areas. 
Jeff Fahey is a criminal psychologist named Bill. Bill loses his arm in a horrible accident. He undergoes some revolutionary surgery and he has a new arm grafted on to replace the one he lost. It just so happens that the arm he receives belongs to a psychotic killer. Bill starts to notice that his arm seems to have a life of it's own and it's ruining his own. He comes in contact with others that have gotten limb replacements and finds that they are all suffering just like he is. Just differently. Add some weird doctors and a very thin…