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Childs Play 3 (1991) - Jack Bender

Chucky is back... Again! Look, I kinda like this movie. I have seen this movie, for some reason, like 5 times. This is by no stretch of the mind a good movie whatsoever. I noticed a few things, on being that you never see a full shot of the Good Guy doll Chucky. I know that their budget was very small and it looks like they knew that no one would really care if this movie came out or not. Well, I got this on my instant queue on Netflix and watched it so I have to review it, right?
Charles Lee Ray is killing again. This time he, well Chucky, follows Andy to Military school where he meets a little kid that intrigues him more than Andy himself. There are numerous brutal and comedic killings in this one, as well as a good bucket full of blood. If your concerned about watching this movie because you are squeamish around blood, there might be some moments to close your eyes tight. I don't understand why people just don't punt Chucky across the room. I have always wanted to be in a Ch…