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The Return of Doctor X (1939) - Vincent Sherman

I was excited to see this one. While others panned the original, I actually enjoyed the first entry to this franchise. Unfortunately, this movie is unorganized and unmotivated. It feels cold and without any real enthusiasm. That would explain why this hasn't found a very wide release or even a proper video release making it virtually impossible to find. I had been able to watch it online when I found it on accident while browsing for copies of Revenge of Doctor X from 1970. 
Like the original, this movie features a fast talking, quick witted Journalist. After finding a young woman dead in her apartment, her body mysteriously disappears then re-appears alive and complaining about the journalist. This baffles the journalist, now ex-journalist after being fired, into trying to figure the mystery out. The strange journey leads him to find that the woman is in acquaintanceship with a strange doctor that has an affliction for blood control. 
Interestingly enough the strange doctor with…