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Demons (1985) - Dario Argento

Right off the bat I am intrigued by the soundtrack featuring Motley Crüe, Rick Springfield, and Saxon among others. The story is neat. Dario Argento wrote and produced this and he hasn't disappointed me yet. This is the perfect midnight feature. It's gory and full of vintage flair and evil. 
Demons spread like a disease in a strange little theater that traps it's visitors inside during a "special" showing. Slowly moviegoers start turning into Demons. Murdering each other in grotesque ways while speed metal provides the tunes. It's survival mode as a group of people fight for their lives.
The survival part of the movie is really great. It's reminiscent of Romero's Dawn of the Dead film, just not as good. The characters are fun and original. The dubbing is horrible, but that's more of a charm. Lamberto Bava sets a good tone and keeps the movie interesting throughout.
This was my first Brava feature. It helped that Argento wrote and produced it. The mov…