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The Boogens (1981) - James L. Conway

Another movie chosen completely at random. Sounds like a really stupid title and surprises with its quality. It's hokey. Oh yeah it's hokey. But that just adds to the experience. 

A quiet mining town in Colorado appears to be hiding something. When An old mine is disturbed allowing an ancient turtle thing to awaken, and it's hungry. It starts eating its way through the usual cast of characters. Our main heroes are two dorks just cruising for some scootch. They meet up with two girls and there you have your recipe for a survival monster movie. 

It's not a terrible movie. Not completely. It has some moments of crap but overall ends up being just another mediocre horror flick with some decent blood and a few scarce creatures. That's the main issue here. The movie does a good job with establishing the young group. But that's really it. The movie doesn't really show you much, not until your three quarters of the way through. 

This was made in '81 but it might a…