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Song At Midnight (1937) - Weibang Ma-Xu

The late 30's were such a turbulent time for the world. Thus not many films were getting made. China was involved with skirmishes with it's aggressive neighbor on the seas, Japan. During war, Weibang Ma-Xu still found time to create a western-influenced remake to the Phantom of the Opera. Although, clearly this is influenced by the Dracula and the Phantom of the Opera that came from the US. However, it still carries traditional Chinese themes in its musical styles and artistic approach. 

The effects are minimal but great for its time. It's a shame this movie didn't get a full western release. The cinematography is really clean and well done. The sets are creepy enough and the costumes are a definite highpoint. This movie doesn't disappoint. It is influenced by the western version of Phantom but takes its own liberties and that doesn't bother me. 

The movie showcases the origin of the "Phantom" character. It shows his face being mangled by acid and the h…