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The Dead Zone (1983) - David Cronenberg

The Dead Zone from 1983 is more of a dramatic thriller than an actual horror movie. However, the film does have a looming darkness that director David Cronenberg really brings to light, so to speak. It's not obvious, but subtleties are definitely Cronenberg's forte.

This is a adaptation of a Stephen King short story. What horror movie marathon would be complete without a King picture? The film follows Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) after he awakens from a five year coma. Smith learns that he can see someone's future if he touches them. Obviously, this is something that he couldn't do before. He is bombarded by news reporters to show an example. This bothers him, as you can really see the frustration. He just wants to be left alone but has the task of town-hero thrust upon him. To make matters worse, his girlfriend from before the accident is now married and living happily with some local political jagoff. He is literally just trying to live his life and stay out of …