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A Nightmare on Elm St. (1984) - Wes Craven

Well this is it Horror fans, the grand-daddy of them all... Well not really but its up there, this movie is one of the reasons I am watching Horror movies today. Freddy Kruger is one of the scariest and well known horror icons, and for some reason I am proud I was born a year before he began invading kids dreams all around Elm St.

I wanted to watch Nightmare on Elm Street before the remake came out. This is one of those movies that I believe doesn't need to be remade but hey... what can I do? Robert Englund is Freddy Kruger. Notice that I didn't say Robert Englund plays Freddy... He IS Freddy! Everyone that I know somehow snuck somewhere to see Freddy in some form. I know that last sentence is really convoluted.

Now there are a couple of different ways that we know Freddy, we know him as the homicidal child killer and we know him as the hilarious one-line spouting freak fest. In this movie we are introduced to him as Freddy the Homicidal Maniac who invades teenagers dreams as a …