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We Are Still Here (2015) - Ted Geoghegan

We Are Still Here reminded me of so many horror movies but does a good job of staying true to it's own. I had seen the film referenced on Reddit and Rotten Tomatoes, so I thought I would give it a try. I think I had assumed that it was a House of the Devil remake or something due to the cover. So the producers need to do something about that. 
A couple that had recently lost their son, who was away at college. Has relocated to a small remote town with a really creepy secret. They moved into a large home there with a force in it that is just evil. The domicile is home to some really scary charred walking corpses too. Remember the Old Dark House motif? Well it's on full display here, just insert the entire creepy small town, some possession, some ghosts and some overall crazy shit. 
Wow this movie has some really nuts effects! Barbara Crampton was awesome, as she most always is. And it looks pretty good too. It is really vivid and brutal. If you're a fan of intense horror than…