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The Gate (1987) - Tibor Takács

When I was a kid I used to sneak into the living room when my dad was watching horror movies and i would watch them from the hall way adjoining the room. My dad caught me many times and finally sat me down in 1988 and told me that if i wanted to watch horror movies, I would have to sit and watch The Gate with him. So this movie holds a special place with me.

Steven Dorff stars in this Canadian horror film about a gate to hell opening up in a kids back yard. The movie is pretty simple and there is not much beyond what you see on screen, but it has a certain nature about it. Maybe its the fact that they use clay-mation to show all of these little tiny demons. Maybe its the simple "Ghost Story" type spooks and scares that this movie conjures up. Whatever it is, this is a really fun movie for fans of Horror. If you want to see a fun easy going horror film check this out. You will have a good time with it.

On the other hand, I might be pretty biased. I watched this on VHS (a gem…