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Evil Dead 2 (1987) - Sam Raimi

Evil Dead 2 is a classic in the horror genre. It is a treat to sit back and watch someone like Sam Raimi sit behind the camera and create such entertaining and fantastical storyline. Credit's due where credit is due I guess. Bruce Campbell carries this movie the entire way. He IS this movie. The entire first half of the film is just Campbell working by himself. He pulls it off with such gusto. Bruce Campbell IS Ashley Williams, no matter how good this new remake looks. Remember, I wrote this before that remake had come out yet. Anyway, Evil Dead 2 only serves as an improvement to the already stellar and familiar Evil Dead franchise. This movie doesn't compete in anyway and it doesn't need to try. It is a classic through and through. 
This movie starts things off in a really interesting manner. It just completely retcon's the entire first movie... well not entirely. The first movie has to do with a group of young adults, going up to a cabin to have a good time. They st…