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The Drums of Jeopardy (1931) - George B. Seitz

The Drums of Jeopardy is a revenge horror/action picture. It stars Warner Oland as a mad scientist that is taking revenge on a Bolshevik family that murdered his daughter. The movie explores different themes, obviously with revenge but also with black magic. In the film the Petroff drums are a tool, used to kill people by infecting them with some sort of black magic or poisoning after being received in the mail. Oland's character, Dr. Boris Karlov (no relation to the actor) sends these drums to each of the family members. 
This movie walks the fine line of horror and action/suspense, on paper this movie seems like a great scary movie. A mad scientist exacts revenge on a family that murdered his daughter. The problem is that the film lacks the terror needed for a good horror flick. You can't really identify with any of the characters. They all seem nefarious, the family, the doctor, everyone seems guilty of something. The only pure and innocent person is the daughter that dies …